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    Ian Cook

    I am getting a new web site together and would like to include some testimonies from customers.
    Is their any chance you could jot down a few lines for me please?

    Ian Cook

    Truly a "set it and forget it" program. You'll forget it's even running until a note pops up to remind you of something you will not, would not or could not remember!

    Gene Best
    Best Biz, LLC

    Ian Cook

    I cannot live without my Kirby Alarm Pro. I use it to start anti-spyware programs weekly to maintain my system. I set alarms to remember to pay certain bills that occur once or twice a year. I set alarms while I'm surfing the net to remind me of events that will happen months in advance. I have used it for more than 3 years after trying other programs that couldn't deliver. When asking Ian for he replied back very quickly and helped me solve my problem easily (such as moving it from one computer to another). Thanks, Ian, for making my busy life more organized!

    Sharon in Texas

    Ian Cook

    I feel so compelled to write you and tell you how much I enjoy your work of art in creating KIRBY ALARM. I have had both Kirby booty–free and Kirby Pro and have loved them both; however, the pro model is just out of this world with all you can do with it. I have told many of my friends about it and you for you are such a courteous, polite and unselfish creative businessman. I was so pleased that when I goofed and loaded Kirby for a second time, paying for it both times, you refunded my money–not that it was a lot of money but that you did not hesitate to immediately refund me–unbelievable service in this computer world. So goes it with any help I have requested from you. Please send me your birth date (not the year unless you want) so I can place you in my Kirby Alarm in order to send you a birthday card on your day–not everyone I know is in my Kirby Alarm. The very best to you always.
    Dr. Jack Roper
    Dana Point California.

    Ian Cook

    Kirby Alarm is a MUST HAVE program!  It has completely made reminders and backing up files a SUPER EASY consistent part of life!  With Kirby Alarm, I don't even forget that Monday is trash day anymore!  It reminds me of weekly & daily tasks consistently, is easy to schedule & backs up my important files each night.  The program is very logical, simple and is the BEST I have found!  I have searched for several years for a program like this one.  This is the best!  You won't be disappointed!!! 



    I'm using Kirby Alarm Pro to watch for files and kick off an FTP when a new file is found in a particular directory.  This is a mission critical application: Payroll. I don't use the built-in KA FTP because I have to do a secure http://FTP.  So KA starts the FTP program (WinSCP) with a script that automates the whole process.  KA has not failed me.

    /RockFox at Slippery Rock University of PA  USA


    I found Kirby Alarm in 2004 and have added it to my list of things I just can't live without. This is definitely my Swiss Army Knife. I've got 45 alarms, all things that just wouldn't get done without KA.

    • my web site backs itself up to a zip file nightly, KA downloads that backup file automatically via ftp
    • I enter contests that require me to visit a web page every day, KA fires up that web page daily (but only M-F)
    • I like to look at NFL scores online weekly during the season, KA launches the web page for me every Sunday at 10pm
    • I use Bginfo to put weather data on my desktop, KA makes that happen hourly
    • I can't miss an episode of The Office or Seinfeld, KA pops up a reminder with a photo from the TV show (and it plays the theme song, so if I'm nearby, I hear it)
    • if I'm not sitting at my computer to see a popup reminder, no problem, KA sends a text message to my cell phone via e-mail
    • KA runs iSiloX regularly to download web content which then syncs to my Palm device; now I can view web content on my Palm without having an internet connection
    • when I update my genealogy in Family Tree Maker, KA sees that the data file has been updated, and automatically launches GedStar Pro which copies the data file to my Palm device
    • KA runs my file system clean up batch file every morning at 4:00am
    • KA's built in zip utility backs up critical files daily and copies it to a different drive on my network

    I just don't know how I could do all this stuff without Kirby Alarm. Well, I could do them, but I'd need a few programs. My only regret is that when Kirby Alarm was a freebie, I never got around to sending in a donation. But now Kirby Alarm Pro has even more features and requires a payment, and I was all too happy to do that. Definitely money well spent.

    Thanks Ian!

    Scott Crevier, Web Developer
    St. Norbert College, De Pere, WI


    Kirby Alarm Pro

    I have to put my two cents worth in here.

    I have been using a very old 16 bit alarm program made by the old Central Point PC Tools.? It was called PC Tools Scheduler.? It is at least a 15 year old program going back to the days between Win 3.1 and Win 95.

    For years and years I have been looking for a 32 bit replacement but all that I have found did not stack up to the old PC Tool s Scheduler; it was THAT good.

    Finally, this last month I updated my Win XP Pro to SP3 and to my shock I found that SP3 no longer will load 16 programs through any shortcut.? I can double click directly on the EXE file and they will open and run correctly but not through a shortcut.? This was VERY bad news for my beloved PC Tools Scheduler and my old PC Magazine 16 bit Time! (a very nice dual countdown timer).

    So to make a long story short, I have been on a mission to find replacements for the two golden oldies and discovered your wonderful Kirby Alarm Pro.

    KAP does have a few shortcomings compared to PC Tools Scheduler but there is so much more that it is more than a tradeoff.

    I really like the general layout of KAP (similar to PC Tools Scheduler) and the advanced things that I can do with it.

    This was a VERY good find as I have over 40 reminders to keep track of and KAP makes it fairly easy to do just that.

    Keep up the good work.



    Kirby Alarm Pro can schedule/set alarms for virtually anything I can think of. Lots of useful features and options. Don't be surprised to find yourself using it every day!


    Kirby Alarm Pro has been a real life saver for me.  I use it to remind me of many different things and it has been just great.  I had a minor problem and Ian was there quicker than anyone could ask for, and cleared up the problem for me in no time at all.  Thanks Ian for such a great program and such GREAT support!

    Ernie in Florida


    I have been using Kirby Alarm Pro for more than a year now and can honestly class it as one of the few programs I cannot live without. It can do so much that it's worth much more than the asking price. Once you have started to use it and become familiar with all it does for you, it will be impossible to go back to the way you organised your life before. Furthermore, there is nothing available that can hold a candle to this utility. Believe me, I have tried more than a few so-called personal agenda/reminder utilities!

    Your money doesn't just buy you a super utility, it also buys you the most incredible after sales service from the program's author. In a world of trouble tickets and companies that just don't reply to your support requests, Kirby Alarm Pro stands out as being one of the few exceptions to the rule!

    Thank you so much Ian.

    Alessia CUNEO


    I have used the free edition for at least 4 years, much more likely that it's been even longer! I recently upgraded to Pro version and I have to say that I wish I had done so years ago. It has so many more options and is the best reminder software I have ever used!

    And don't get me started on the email functions, for me that is the best feature of all and I didn't have it in the free version, my how I have missed out!

    Well done Ian, and thanks!


    It's been a while since someone has posted, so I'll break the streak.

    I've been using Kirby Alarm forever and it is without a doubt my favorite program. I have 50 alarms that do a multitude of things that make life easier for me. My primary use is to automatically launch my browser and launch specific URL's, but it can do so much more. I'll echo what others have said, I don't know what I'd do without it. It will be the best few bucks you've ever spent on a program.



    In about 2004 I was looking for a program to start another program at a set time. There wasn't much out there. Then I came across Kirby Alarm. As someone said it is truly a "set it and forget it" program. I used the free version for a few years. In fact I set it to do what I wanted and forgot I was even using it. One day I realized I had gotten much use out of the free version. I have never needed the Pro version, but bought it simply to support this great software. Been using Pro since FEB 4th 2009. P.S. it has worked flawlessly on XP, VISTA, now Windows 7 64 bit with NO issues for me.

    richie b

    [quote author=Ian Cook link=topic=368.msg1091#msg1091 date=1189229903]
    I am getting a new web site together and would like to include some testimonies from customers.
    Is their any chance you could jot down a few lines for me please?


    I downloaded & registered v2.11 back in 2004 and used it in 98lite until last year…When I installed WinXP as a dual-boot system with 98lite and now only use WinXP…

    …And I missed my dogs monthly pill this month…  :'(

    So now it's back installed in WinXP!!!

    Great program!!!  😉

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