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    I'm trying to move my program & alarms to a win 7 comptuer from XP.  I have followed your suggestion to install in c:\KAP and copy from my XP to the new folder.  I have tried several times & uninstalled, reinstalled then copied everything from the XP system and cannot get it to work.  On starting I get an error "File ALARMS could not be opened, ErrorInvalid Record Declaration(47) Press OK to end this application".
    I have copied the entire folder since I upgraded to 5.01 years ago and import won't work due to different versions.
    Wbat can I do to get my life back in order?

    Ian Cook

    Error 47 is an invalid record declaration. In plain english this just means the fields in the alarms file are different to the fields the program is expecting.

    To install KA on another computer is really easy.
    You just copy everything in the KA folder from the old computer to the new one.

    Maybe the files are not copying across because they are use.
    I suggest making doubly sure that kirbyalarmpro.exe is not running (use windows take manager if you have to).
    Then copy the entire KA folder from the old computer to the new one.

    If you get really stuck then let me know and we could arrange a suitable time to remotely connect to your computer and fix it for you.

    Ian 🙂


    Your help would be greatly appreciated. I"ve tried it again several times tonight with no success. I'm in USA on east coast but traveling by day.


    Everything in the registry points to c:\program files\kirby alarm pro
    no more error messages
    all my data is in the same folder
    opening KAP shows no alarms and only history from when I started trying to move it to this computer
    I can add alarms and they work
    There is only 1 user and I have admin priv

    just tried one more thing – searched for the current alarms.tps and found it in c:\users\…  – copied all my data there and it seems to be working.
    How can I change it to c:\program files\kap ?

    Thanks for your attention on this.

    Ian Cook

    Hi Bob

    Glad you got it going.

    Regarding the alarms.tps file being located in the users folder check out Rockfox's explanation http://www.kirbyfooty.com/forum/index.php?topic=1031.msg2649#msg2649

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