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Why Jesus Died

Some time ago someone told me the following story to explain why Jesus died on the cross:

Many years ago in Scotland there was a small village that had a one-classroom school. All the children in the village were in the one same classroom.

The students were very unruly and made life difficult for the teacher. Eventually the teacher left and so began a series of new teachers coming and then going because of the behaviour of the students.

It became difficult to find a suitable teacher until a thin small teacher volunteered to go.

When the teacher arrived the students were unimpressed by the man's physical appearance and were sure he would not last long.

However, this teacher did something that no other teacher had done before.

He announced that he would not be setting any class rules but rather he was going to let the students themselves set the rules and the consequences for breaking the rules.

He immediately had the student's attention. So the teacher began to write on the blackboard the various rules being agreed upon and the consequences for breaking that rule.

They had rules like "no spitting on others." The punishment was one strike of the cane on the buttocks by the teacher.

Another rule was "no stealing." For this rule the students had agreed on the 'six of the best'. Six strikes on the buttocks.

The irony was that by the time the students were finished they had basically made up a list that most teachers would have suggested themselves.

The students now owned the rules and they started to enjoy school and the teacher. They actually started to make progress.

Then one day a large boy called Fred discovered that someone had taken an apple from his lunch box. Fred was from a wealthy family. He was well dressed and always had plenty of food.

Fred was furious and so the theft was brought to the teacher's attention.

So a special class meeting was arranged to find out who the culprit was.

The teacher demanded from the students that the person responsible own up.

After a long awkward period of silence a little thin boy called Sammy raised his hand.

The whole class, including large Fred, groaned when they realised that it was Sammy. Sammy was from poor home. His clothes were old and stained. He often went without breakfast.

He stole the apple of hunger.

Fred quickly jumped to his feet and said to the teacher that he did not want Sammy punished. All the class agreed with Fred.

But the teacher said that it was impossible to stop the punishment. They had all made the agreement and the 'rules were the rules'. The teacher would not back down.

So the teacher called little Sammy to the front. Several girls started to cry. The teacher started to flex the cane. Everyone knew that Sammy could not endure 'six of the best'. He had no fat on his buttocks at all. The pain would be most severe.

Ignoring the protests of the students the teacher told Sammy to touch his toes and brace himself for the first strike.

Suddenly, Fred jumped up and shouted 'stop!' The teacher hesitated and looked at Fred.

Fred said "We agreed on giving the 'six of the best' for theft. However, it does not say who receives the 'six of the best'. I volunteer myself to take Sammy's place."

The class was stunned. Sammy was shaking with relief.

Large, strong Fred was now going to be punished for a crime against him.

Fred touched his toes and the teacher struck him severely six times for the theft.

Fred paid a high price. Imagine how grateful Sammy was.

Jesus Christ is like a 'Fred' to us. Jesus did not die because of a mistake. He died and took upon himself our punishment so that we will not have to face the consequences for our sin in the next life.

Imagine if Sammy had told Fred he didn't need his help. How foolish that would have been.

Some people say that to Jesus today. They hold on to their sin. We need Jesus' help.

What about you? The Bible says "Believe (trust) in Jesus and you will be saved." What are you waiting for?

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