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Walking On Water

One cold stormy night the disciples of Jesus were 'doing it tough' rowing across the sea of Galilee. Jesus was not with them in the boat and there was a sense of frustration and annoyance. They were tired and exhausted from rowing against the wind and the large threatening waves. Life is not always smooth sailing, even for disciples of Jesus.

As the disciples struggled to row they spotted a lone figure walking on the water. At first they were alarmed and afraid because they thought the figure was a ghost. What would you have thought? But the figure identified himself as Jesus. So Peter shouted out to Jesus "If that is you, tell me to come out on the water." So Jesus simply said "Come".

And Peter did. He was out of the boat and on to the water. Peter and Jesus walked on the water together. What an experience! What a picture of how life should and could be! Walking with Jesus over the top of the storms and problems of life.

However, it was when Peter took his eyes off Jesus and looked at the waves that he started to experience that sinking feeling. Literally! So stop looking at the storms and circumstances of life. You only get discouraged and overwhelmed when you look at the storms. Instead keep focussed on Jesus.

Jesus rescued Peter and he rescues us when we sink. Peter and Jesus, together, then walked back to the boat. By trusting Jesus you can walk with him over the storms of life.

Ps. David Warwick

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