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Used And Abused?

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A woman came to Jesus and she felt like trash. She had been used and abused. Things had been done to her that should not have been done. Stuff just happens!

She did not love herself and she hated living.

She heard that Jesus was in town at someone's house having a meal with a group of people. She wasn't completely sure but she decided to risk seeing Jesus. She hated religion but Jesus seemed different to the religious bigots who gave her a hard time. 

So she came, without invitation, bringing her most expensive item as a gift for Jesus. She brought a bottle of perfume.

She entered the house where Jesus was and sat at his feet. No one spoke to her. They decided to ignore her probably hoping she would go away. 

While sitting there she felt dirty, filthy and desperate. She began to silently weep, her tears falling on Jesus' feet. She was sorry for what she had done. She was sorry for her anger and bitterness. She then opened the bottle of perfume and poured it on the feet of Jesus.

In the Bible days it was the custom to refresh your guests by washing their feet because the roads were dusty. The host had failed to wash the feet of Jesus. The host was a religious man who was full of his self importance.

Instead, the broken woman washed the feet of Jesus with her tears and perfume. 

In a sense she refreshed Jesus.

This woman had made a wise choice that day in coming to Jesus Christ. For Jesus is the only one who can heal a broken and abused person.

Jesus responded to the woman by saying, "Woman, your sins are forgiven."

Those words broke through her sorrow and darkness; peace came crashing into her restless world; hope replaced despair; joy replaced guilt.

The woman was radically changed by the healing forgiving words of Jesus.

The others at the meal were offended that Jesus even spoke to the woman. But Jesus never had much regard for the opinions of others. He was always looking for someone who needed a divine touch. This woman found what she was looking for.

The damage done to her through the years of being used was washed away.

Jesus is always responds to a broken heart. He is the only one who can turn a life of trash into something with meaning and purpose.

If you feel like trash call on Jesus Christ. He still brings a divine touch in to the lives of those who seek him.

Want to know more? Then email me and I can point you in the right direction.

Pastor David

You are welcome to give me any feed back on the above article by clicking here.

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