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The Missing Ingredient

Having come back from a recent trip overseas I have had a good think about what I believe is missing among many people of various countries and nations. It is without doubt a tense world with much focus being centred on terrorism and the Middle East. But tension seems to be everywhere including our own domestic and personal worlds. However, I am convinced there is a simple remedy for taking out the tension, at least in our own personal world, that will make life far more enjoyable for people.

The simple remedy is forgiveness.

It is clear to everyone that life provides us with many opportunities to be offended. Once offended there is often that desire to 'get even' or at the very least we hold on to a grudge. We see on the international stage nations seeking to get even with other nations. Within time cycles of hatred and revenge take over bringing pain and hurt. On an individual level our grudges can accumulate without us being aware that it is happening. We end up carrying unnecessary emotional baggage through life. And like any sort of baggage it only weighs you down.

That is why forgiveness is such a wonderful thing. Forgiveness is really for our benefit. For when you forgive someone, you unload the emotional baggage you have been carrying and you help break the cycle of 'getting even'.

I believe it was Martin Luther King Jnr, who said "that forgiveness is more than an event but that it is a permanent attitude of life."

I believe Mr. King was right.

Sometimes forgiving is a hard thing to do because the hurt is extreme. Personally, I ask God to help me forgive others. After all God has forgiven me. I find with my intent and God's strength that the capacity to forgive is there.

What the world needs now? It's a forgiving heart.

Ps. Dave.

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