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Alarm Action Type - FTP
The alarm action "FTP" allows files to transferred to (or transferred from) a remote computer.

FTP Profile - Select the ftp host computer by clicking the search button "..."
FTP profiles can added, modified, or deleted by clicking the "Maintain Profiles" button

Destination Directory - Enter the folder you want the file(s) to be transferred to.
Folders ARE NOT automatically created and must exist.
You must also ensure you have sufficient rights etc to be able to write to the specified folder.

Source File - Enter the file name to transfer. Wildcards (eg *.*) are supported.
In the above example I transfer all of my word documents (they have TPS as the extension) to a remote computer for off site backup

Overwrite Existing - There are three option available
  1. Never Overwrite - The file will only be transferred if it does not exist in the destination directory
  2. Always Overwrite - The file will always be transferred regardless if it exists in the destination directory
  3. Overwrite Only If Newer- The file will only be transferred if it does not exist in the destination directory OR the file in the destination directory is out of date.

On Source After Transfer. You can tell Kirby Alarm what to do with the source file after it has been transferred.
  1. Do nothing
  2. Delete the source file
  3. Append YYMMDDhhmm to the file extension of the source file. Ie change the file extension by appending the system date and time to the source file.
  4. Append a user defined string (eg DONE) to the file extension of the source file
  5. Move the source file to another folder.
Transfer Files Modified Less Than - This may be useful if you only want to transfer files that have changed recently. For example, I have LOT of pictures in a single folder and want to keep an off site backup. The source file is c:My Pictures*.jpg. So, rather that processing all 1000 plus files (which would take a long time) I only process files that are 1 day old or less

Upload/Download - Select the direction of the transfer.
Upload means you are transferring files FROM your computer to a remote computer
Download means you are transferring files TO your computer from a remote computer.

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