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Preferences - General
Minimize On Startup
If ticked then when Kirby Alarm starts it will automatically minimize to the system tray as a small blue icon with the letters 'KA' in white.
To restore Kirby Alarm either right click and select the required option, or double click on the system tray icon.

Use 24 Hour Clock
If ticked the AM PM boxes will be hidden, and you enter times in military time format. For example 1:30 PM would be entered as 1330.

Display Outstanding Alarms Only
If ticked then only outstanding alarms will be displayed on the main screen.

Do Not Log Alarms
If ticked then a log file will NOT be kept of when alarms are added, modified, or run.

Maximum Number Of Days Allowed In Log File (0=infinite)
Enter the maximum number of days that you want stored in the log file. Every time you add or modify an alarm, or an alarm is run, the log is automatically purged of old entries. To save on system resources a maximum of 100 entries are deleted from the log each time.

Automatically Delete Completed Alarms After Days
Enter the number of days you want to keep completed alarms for. Unless zero, the completed alarms are automatically purged.
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