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Get so MUCH MORE with Kirby Alarm Pro.
It's a personal information scheduler that will automate tasks quickly and easily
You can completely customize each pop up note. Choose your own fonts, and colors, and use your own pictures as backgrounds.
It has sophisticated backup function to automatically save your valuable data. It will do a straight copy, or create normal zip files for each folder (or sub folder) of any folder on your computer.
There is an option to upload or download files using FTP. Advanced options to use wildcard's or only transfer files modified in the past x minutes (or hours/days) etc.
It will shutdown, reboot, or log off your computer.
It will automatically send emails via smtp, or your email program, or even via gmail. You can attach multiple files using wildcards.
It will automatically launch any windows program at a predetermined time.
Plus MORE!!
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Screen Shot
Run a program automatically
Pop up a note
Play a sound
Send e-mails automatically
Transfer a file by FTP (pro
  version only)
Backup files and folders (pro
  version only)
Say the time
Say the message
Handy To Do List (with query
Plus loads more!
Simplifies my life and increases efficiency
Nothing comes close to it.
Kirby Alarm is a MUST HAVE program!
We have used Kirby Alarms so much over the last five years that if it was a mechanical device, it would have worn out by now. And Kirby Alarm Pro is even better!
How did we ever live without it?
Easy to use, very stable, flexible, and configurable
A wonderful little program
I cannot live without my Kirby Alarm Pro
Excellent program! Helps me keep up with my goals!
Try it free
Only $24.95 or $14.95 for LITE Version
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