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The Passion Of The Christ... Is It Real?

Without a doubt, Mel Gibson's movie 'The Passion of The Christ' has caused quite a stir around the world. Some critics were voicing their opinion about the movie while it was still being filmed! They were prepared to give judgement without actually viewing the movie. While this reaction is clearly unintelligent it demonstrates the strong emotions generated by this movie.

There have been reports of audiences leaving cinemas in stunned silence while in some instances people have fled cinemas weeping before the movie was finished.

While the movie has it's many critics there are thousands of Churches around the world booking out whole cinemas for private viewings. This has never happened before. In addition, 'The Passion of The Christ' has the most downloaded trailer on the Internet and it has become one of the most anticpated films in recent years.

The movie has been described as being too violent and anti-Semitic. However, experts generally agree that Christ's sufferings as portrayed in the movie are an accurate account of what happened.  In addition, Mel Gibson was genuinely distressed by the accusations of being anti-Semitic admitting he was taken by surprise at such criticism. 

The fact remains that Jesus Christ has always been controversial. The movie itself is about the controversy surrounding Christ while he was on earth. Therefore, the varying reactions of people to the movie should not be unexpected.

While the movie raises many question there is just one underlying question that needs to be answered. Was Jesus Christ for real?  We all know a person called 'Jesus Christ' existed. That is a historical fact supported by the Jewish Historians 'Josephus' and 'Eusibius'. The gospels obviously support the existence of Jesus Christ. But we still need to ask...was Jesus Christ who he said he was?  Is Jesus the person Christians say that he is? Christians make some enormous claims concerning Jesus Christ. Nonetheless was Jesus Christ really the Son of God or was he a con man? Was Jesus the Saviour of the world or was he a mad man?

What do you think? What is your opinion?

Next week we will briefly explore the possibility of Jesus Christ being either a con man or a mad man. While there are many Christians there are many more people who disagree with the claims of Christians.

Mel Gibson claims that he has wanted to make 'The Passion of The Christ' for the past decade. In recent interviews, the former 'sexiest man alive', has described his own 'spiritual journey' as he has found faith in Jesus Christ. Quite a remarkable claim for a man who has everything the world could offer.

We obviously know where Mel stands concerning the claims of Jesus Christ. But what if Mel is wrong? What if Mel is right? What if Christians are wrong? What if Christians are right?

Is Jesus Christ for real?

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