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2009 version of Kirby Footy released
February 12, 2009, 1:41 pm
  • 2009 Version of kirby footy
  • Updated results history with results from 2008
  • Updated premiership history with results from 2008
  • Included 2009 NRL fixtures, teams etc
  • Changed title bar on main screen to show "Registered To" and "Maximum Tippers"
  • New option to setup competition type. This will make it easier to setup AFL/NRL competitions. In future editions I plan to include the English Premiership League (EPL)
  • New internal method for sending emails. This version is MUCH easier to set up. In most cases you will only need to enter the email address and name of where to send the tipping sheets back to!!
    There are also additional options for more advanced features like proxy servers, email security type etc
    One HUGE advantage of this method is there is now an option to record a log of the emails sent into a csv file. There is even an option to automatically save a copied of the email!!
  • New method for sending emails using Microsoft Outlook. This will make it easier then ever for those people that use Outlook!
  • New method for checking for updates to the program. If an update is available only the bits that have changed are dwnloaded, AND the update is AUTOMATICALLY installed.
    This makes it so easy now to ensure you are using the latest version!!
    You can set number of days between checking for updates in the competition preferences screen.
  • New easy four step guide on setting up your competition.

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