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Kirby Footy 2008 has been released.
By: ian  |  January 22, 2008, 12:19 am
  • Updated results history with results from 2007
  • Updated premiership history with results from 2007
  • Improve the report previewer on all reports.
      You can now...
        - Enter the number of copies to print.
        - Select the printer destination
        - Mark the pages to print
        - Delete pages from being printed
        - Collate pages
        - Output pages to MsWord
        - New buttons to make it easier to save the the report in PDF, XML, TXT, or HTML format
  • Tippers can now tip a draw if they want to. (You can even give them bonus points for correctly tipping a draw)
  • Increase number of games allowed per round from 8 to 12 (this will allow kirby footy to be used for other types of sports. Eg English Premiership League)
  • New Key macro facility.
      Key macros is a powerful add-on function that allows you to send keystrokes,  special characters, and keyboard functions to your own or any other Windows application.
    This means that repetitive tasks like pasting tips from emails is quick and easy  because it will execute (play back) the keystrokes for you.

    For example, you can get the key macro to open the email containing the tips,  copy the contents to the clipboard, close the email, post them into Tips Entry on Kirby Footy, then go back to the email program, go down one line so you can repeat the process.

    All done with just ONE click. Now that's powerful!!

    A word of warning.   Be careful, because with all power comes responsibility so use with care.
  • Moved the "Paste From Clipboard" button in the Tips Entry closer to the "Post" button.
  • Update clarion programming language to v6.3 build 9058 (internal)
  • Fix problems with sending emails via GMail (Googe had updated their side)
  • Fix some problems with sending emails using the Email Clients
      Now Works (and tested) with:
              Outlook Express, Outlook 97 and 2000,
              Eudora, Incredimail and Mozilla Thunderbird (
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