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Jesus Came Into The Manure

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The Christmas story is a great story that we all enjoy and know.

I have a simple question to ask "Why was Jesus born in a stable?"

Of all the places that Jesus could have been born he was born in a smelly stinking stable, with a manger for his bed. Surely, Jesus deserved better than that!

I know there was 'no room in the Inn' because so many people were in town, but that doesn't really answer the question as to why Jesus was born in the stable.

The birth of Jesus was not a surprise to God. The angel said it was going to happen. So why didn't God just make the Innkeeper reserve the best room in the hotel? God could easily have done that!

So why was Jesus born in a stable?

When you look a little closer at the Christmas story you will see that the stable was the smartest place for Jesus to be born.  God was trying to get a picture message across to you and me.

Stables have animals. And where there are animals there is plenty of manure.

Old manure and fresh manure…here, there and everywhere.

Life can be full of a lot of manure. You know what I mean. It's everywhere.

You start off life with great expectations…but then things don't work out.

You fall in love and get married…then the relationship breaks down.

You decide that you will be the best parent in the world and then your kids give you a hard time.

You decide to get into that business deal and end up broke.

You decide to try and get ahead in life and then your health plays up.

Manure happens!

I am sure Joseph tried to clean up the stable, like we try to manage problems in our lives, but it's hard to get rid of that smell.

Yet it was in that stinking environment that Jesus Christ was born instead of a five star hotel. 

Jesus didn't come for himself he came for us!

The smelly stable became filled with the presence of God. Things changed inside that stable when Jesus was born. Light came into that stable because Jesus was there.

The point is simple? Just as Christ was prepared to be born in a 'manure filled' stable so he is prepared to come into your life and bring the change that you so desperately need and want.

It doesn't matter how much manure is in your life Jesus is still willing to bring salvation to you.

No ones life is beyond God's love. Your life might be full of manure, but Jesus came to save people you from the darkness in your life. All you have to do is ask.

I pray that you will experience Jesus Christ in your life this Christmas. 

 Pastor David

You are welcome to give me any feed back on the above article by clicking here.

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