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How To Deal With Grief

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When you feel your heart is broken with grief read this:

Grief has to be the worst kind of pain a person can suffer from.

As a minister I have seen the pain of grief over and over again. Grief is real and it hurts more than anything.

It doesn't help when people say stupid things like "Chin up. You'll get over it." Some people are insensitive.

Jabez was a guy in the Bible who was an emotional wreck. His whole life had been filled with grief. He had grief over being rejected by his mother; grief over being the black sheep of the family and grief over the loss of relationships that should have been his.

His own mother had given him the name Jabez which meant "pain". Effectively he was cursed by his own mother. Some mothers don't deserve their children.

Sure enough, Jabez lived up to his name. His life was filled with pain. He was a pain magnet.

Grief strikes everyone at sometime in their life. It's part of the human experience. The loss of a loved one; the end of a relationship; the continual rejection by significant people; all crush the heart. For some people they seem to go from one heartbreak to another like Jabez. Maybe you can identify with Jabez.

We react to grief in all sorts of ways to try and deaden the pain. Some folk do stupid things like drinking too much booze. Others become violent. Others isolate themselves either physically or emotionally from other people.

The worst thing about grief is that other people don't seem to understand and they can't take the hurt away.

Jabez lived a life full of pain and grief. No one understood Jabez. They didn't want to anyway.

The brief story of Jabez made it to the Bible because Jabez found a secret to dealing with personal grief. It's there in the Bible to help people like you and me handle life.

Jabez simply turned to God. After all who else could he turn to?

He figured that God was the only one who could truly help him.

Jesus said

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest." Mat 11:28.

This is a message to anyone hurting with grief. Only God can comfort and heal the broken heart.

Jabez said an unrehearsed prayer like "Let your hand be with that I will be free from pain." 1 Chron 4:9 - 10.

And God granted his request.

And God will respond to you in your grief bringing peace, comfort, hope and love. 

Please don't respond to grief with anger or bitterness. Don't look for destructive ways to handle the pain of your heart.

Instead call upon God and give him your burden of grief.

Want to know more? Then email me and I can point you in the right direction.

Pastor David

You are welcome to give me any feed back on the above article by clicking here.

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