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Author Topic: Program won't open  (Read 2497 times)
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« on: November 02, 2011, 11:44:23 PM »

I've been using Kirby Alarm since 2004.  Suddenly the icon is gone from the system tray, and when I try to open the .exe file, the program won't open.  Help!
Ian Cook
Hero Member
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« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2011, 11:53:13 PM »


Sorry to hear you are having troubles.

It could be a couple of things..

(1) Possibly the alarms.tps data file has become corrupted, or
(2) Some external factor (eg person, another program, or a virus??) has done moved or deleted the program.

Let's try the first possibility. If you send me ( the data files I will set up a test environment on my computer and reindex the files etc.
The data files are located in the Kirby Alarm Pro folder and have TPS as the extension. (eg alarms.tps, alarmlog.tps...)

Look forward to hearing from you so we can get you up and going again.

Ian  Smiley

Ian Cook
Hero Member
Posts: 924

« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2011, 02:29:08 AM »

I received your email today with the files and replied to it.
My email to you bounced.

Your mail from IP was rejected due to being listed by Cloudmark.

Here is a copy of the email..

Hi Ellen

Please correct me if I am wrong, but it appears you are using the old free version of Kirby Alarm (v2.11)
Strictly speaking this is no longer supported.

I checked the files you sent and could not find any problem with them.
At first I could not see any alarms but then discovered it was because there were no outstanding alarms.

Attached is a screen shot of the alarms (but with 'Display Outstanding Alarms Only' UNticked in the preferences.)
(See attachment 1.jpg)

As you can see there a lot of old alarms there.

Since you have no current alarms I think the easiest would be delete the alarms files.

To do this..

(1) Exit KA (or use Task Manager to ensure Kirby Alarm is not running)
(2) Using windows file explorer delete ALARMS.TPS. If you windows complains the file is in use and cannot be deleted it is because you have not exited KA
(3) Restart Kirby Alarm.

I hope that helps. If not please just let me know.

Kind regards
Ian Cook

PS. Can I suggest you upgrade to the pro version.

The pro version is a lot better than the old free version.
There are over 80 major improvements and bug fixes to the program.

    Kirby Alarm Pro can be run as a service (Not available in LITE version)
        New alarm action type - Backup (Not available in LITE version)
        New alarm action type - Speak Message (may not work with all versions of windows
        New alarm action type - Speak Time (may not work with all versions of windows)
        New alarm action type - FTP (Not available in LITE version)
        New alarm action type - Open file using windows association
        New condition in watch file to test if NOT changed
        New option to set volume of sound file attached to alarm
        New option in right click tray icon to snooze all alarms
        New option in right click tray icon to set a quick alarm
        New option in E-mail preferences to set username and password. This is for when authorization is required for outgoing mail.
        Improved E-mail function to allow multiple attachments
        Improved E-mail function to allow multiple recipients
        New option in preferences to animate the pop up window (may not work with all versions of windows)
        New options to set the background and font colors of the alarm note.
        New option to set the format of the alarms list box. You can hide columns, set the column widths, even the column orders.
        New option to search alarms in main screen.
        Improved calendar pop up function. You can now see multiple months, week numbers, and set first day of week, and colours.
        XP style buttons etc.
        New option to print log file (option to save report in xml, txt, pdf, or html format)
        New options to export data files to 'Design Your Own' csv file format
        New option to export log file to fixed style xls, txt, csv format)
        Increase watch file size to handle over 999 gigabytes
        New option to use picture as a wallpaper for pop up notes.
        New alarm action to shutdown computer (Not available in LITE version)
        New alarm action to restart computer (Not available in LITE version)
        New alarm action to log off computer (Not available in LITE version)
        New option in browse alarms to query the alarms database (very powerful)
        New option to import alarms and settings from previous versions of Kirby Alarm
        Enhanced layout of preferences screen by using tabs etc.
        New option to send e-mails using GMAIL server
        Enable right click for clipboard menu on all entry fields
        Ensure pop up notes do not pop off the screen
        Tile pop of notes so user can see multiple notes
        New option in all browses to sort by column headings (or multiple headings by holding CTRL while clicking on the column heading)
        Fix bug in calculation of next time alarm for minutes and hourly recurrence types where not all days were valid
        New option to print outstanding alarms
        New facility to create a categorized 'To Do' list with date/time due. The list can be exported to csv file, printed, saved to xml, pdf, html formats.
        Have 'green bar' effect on browse alarms and browse log screens.
        Allow pop up notes to be resized and to have individual window size for each alarm
        Show date and time of pop up note in tile bar
        Ability to play MP3's, WMA, MID sound files etc.
        Ability to pop up more than one note
        Ability to set the font, size, colour, alignment (ie rich text editing) in the pop up notes.
        Automatic purging of old alarms
        Allow the spin boxes for the hours/minutes to loop (ie when you get to 59 minutes automatically lop back to 0 minutes and vice versa)
        Ability to stop a sound file playing
        Increase length of program string from 100 to 255 characters
        New field to enter the command line parameters for a program (up to 255 characters)
        Ability to have a quick alarm button (ie press a button on the main screen to create an alarm to occur in 'x' minutes)
        Ability to stop all alarms for 'x' minutes
        Ability to set the number of times to play a sound file
        Ability to automatically snooze a pop up note alarm
        Show the next alarm date & time in the tray icon tool tip
        Enhanced snooze function
        Stop changing of windows setting for "Drag Full Windows"
        Do not prevent further alarms if pop up note displayed.
        New option in preferences screen to automatically purge completed alarms.
        New option in preferences screen to set the default sound directory
        Fix problem when copying an alarm regarding days of week etc.
        New option in right click menu to test the alarm
        New alarm recurrence type - Every X Months On The First Business Day
        New alarm recurrence type - Every X Months On The Last Business Day
        New alarm recurrence type - Every X Months On The First Business Day On Or After Day (Y)
        New option to enter the public holidays (used in determining business days)
        Show note of the next alarm in the tray icon tooltip
        New option in preferences when Kirby Alarm is first sta rted to delay opening files and executing alarms etc to give the computer sufficient time to establish network connections etc.
        New option to have a password for all maintenance options. Very handy for stopping others from changing your settings
        New option to pop up note for all alarm types. eg. Send an email AND pop up a note at the same time.
        New option to edit the alarm in the pop up note.
        New option in preferences to ask for confirmation when exiting program.
        New watch condition to check if a FOLDER has changed (note: does not check sub folders)
        New option in preferences to enter the default snooze period for pop up notes
        New option in help menu to go to the Kirby Alarm support forum.
        New contacts list to store names, addresses, phone numbers, and email address
        New calendar allowing you to set the background, colour scheme, and format
        New option in Browse Alarm Log to query the database
        Easier method for selecting valid time range
        Easier method for entering the watch file size
        Change tray icon when snoozing all alarms
        New button to delete the alarm in the update alarm screen[/li]

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