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Author Topic: Suggestions for overcoming probelms with tipper email  (Read 4778 times)
Ian Cook
Hero Member
Posts: 924

« on: April 05, 2007, 03:20:42 AM »

Some people are trouble with the tippers receiving the tipping sheet, or sending the tips back.
Generally it works very well, but I thought I would post a few thoughts for possible solutions..

Are they receiving the emails ok?
If not then..

  • Try setting the number of simultaneous threads in the email paramter setup to 0 (This will mean it will take longer to send the bulk email as it will send them one by one, but it does have a greater chance of success if your email smtp server is having problems)
  • Could the email have been treated as spam by the tipper. Have they checked their spam folder?
  • Do they have any email rules in place that prevent the email from being received?
  • Do they have any security settings that prevent emails with html attachments from received?

If they are receiving the email ok then...
  • I have found with some email program (eg Thunderbird or Outlook) then the tipping sheet looks like part of the main body of the email. If the tipper then enters the tips inside the email (rather than opening up the attached tipping sheet) then you may get errors such as member id not passed etc if the method to send the tips back is set to use the script.
          The way to overcome this is either...
            1. Ask the tipper to open the attached tipping sheet file, OR
            2. Change the method for sending the tips back to use the tippers email program (you can do this for each individual tipper in the member maintenance screen)
  • I found that where tippers use Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer AND the method to send tips back is set to use the tippers own default email program then the message "This form is being submitted using email. Submitting this form will reveal your e-mail address" etc comes up.
    This then creates a new e-mail message in Outlook BUT the body of the email is blank. ie the tips are not there.
    The only workaround I can see is to change the method for sending the tips back to use the email script (you can do this for each individual tipper in the member maintenance screen)

I know this is pretty general, but there are that many different combinations of email programs / web browsers / internet security programs etc etc is extremely difficult to pinpoint an answer.
As I said before it generally works very well.

If anyone else has anything other suggestions then please I welcome your thoughts here.

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Sr. Member
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« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2010, 01:32:02 AM »

Hi Ian
Some of my players this year have 'html' files blocked from opening at their office.
Is there any way of getting around the problem from this end?
Ian Cook
Hero Member
Posts: 924

« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2010, 02:48:10 AM »

Not really.
Are they able to save the html attachment and then open it?

Other than that, they may have to use a gmail or hotmail account.

Ian  Smiley
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