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Author Topic: How Do I Set Up The Program  (Read 945 times)
Ian Cook
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« on: February 16, 2015, 02:29:15 AM »

1. When running the program for the very first time the program will guide you threw a series of set up screens. Don't worry if you make a mistake. Each of the screens can be run manually. This is just to help you get started. (7.jpg)
2. Enter the administrator password for kirby footy. This is the password for running kirby footy. It has nothing to do with your windows password or anything like that. It is a password to stop others from running the program and accessing the tips etc (ie cheating) (8.jpg & 9.jpg)
3. Select the competition type (AFL or NRL) (10.jpg & 11.jpg)
4. Enter the competition preferences. (12.jpg & 13.jpg)
     Note. If you used the program last year then you can easily import the settings from last year by clicking the 'Import Last Years Settings' tab (see 14.jpg & 15.jpg)
     Don't forget to go back to the 'Competition Preferences' tab and click the ok button (see 16.jpg)
5. Enter the email parameters. (This is only relevant if you will emailing the tipping sheets to your tippers) See 17.jpg & 18.jpg)
     Most of these settings come from your internet service provider. (suggest looking at the account settings on your email program)
    There is a tab with the settings for some common smtp email providers (see 19.jpg)
    I you used the program last year you can import last years settings (see 20.jpg)
    Do not forget to send a test email to make sure it works ok (see 21.jpg)
    If you want the program to enter the emailed tips in for you with just 3 mouse clicks then fill in the 'Receive Email Parameters' screen (22.jpg)
    If all ok then click on the Ok button to save the details (see 23.jpg)

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