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Does Your Life Suck?

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If your life 'sucks' you need to read the article below. Read it through to the end and it could change your life.

Let's talk about something that many be you had never thought of.

Please consider: Why was Jesus Christ born in a stable?

He could have been born anywhere. He could have been born in a home, a clean inn or even in the countryside under the stars. Instead he was born in a lousy stable.


Stables are full of animals. Animals deposit a lot of manure. In fact horses and cows discharge an incredible amount of manure. The manure stinks and permeates the air of the stable.

For many people their lives are like that stable where Jesus was born.

Their lives are full of manure. It's everywhere and it stinks.  Maybe your life is full of manure too. Manure happens!

Jesus was born in the poo because he was making a statement that he is a God who has come to help people in the middle of manure. 

When Jesus was born in the stable the star that guided the wise men shone where Jesus was born. When Jesus is invited into someone's life he brings light where there was darkness. You could do with some light in your life too!

The wise men brought riches into the stable and worshipped Jesus. In the same way when Jesus is invited into someone's heart he brings riches into that person's life. Riches like hope, peace, purpose, love and joy.

Jesus came to rescue people in the poo.

To good to be true?

Well, millions around the world will tell you it's "too good" but "it's true."

Get out of the poo by inviting Jesus Christ into your life.

Want to know more? Then email me and I can point you in the right direction.

Pastor David

You are welcome to give me any feed back on the above article by clicking here.

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