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Big Brother

This TV reality (or unreality) show is one that you either love or hate. The premise of the show is that a group of people are locked away for a long period of time under the scrutiny of hidden TV cameras. Each week someone is evicted until there is a winner who takes all the prize money. Big Brother is a faceless voice who dictates the rules to the house mates.

Whether you like the show or not there is no denying the pressure cooker situation as the house mates are on 'show' 24 hours per day.

In some ways 'Big Brother' is a reflection of life for many people. There are those who feel they are living a lie, under constant pressure from what others think of them. They feel the pressure to perform or be 'evicted' from relationships. To them God is like 'Big Brother' compassion and no empathy.

But there is a better way to live! Get out of the 'Big Brother' house!

Jesus Christ came to rescue people from the tyranny of the 'Big Brother'.

By asking Jesus Christ to forgive you and set you free from stress, fear, sin and worry you are able to start living life to the full.

The Bible says that "So if Jesus sets you free you shall be free in deed." John 8:36.

Whatever you may think, millions have trusted Jesus and they have escaped the 'Big Brother' house. What have you got to lose?

- Ps. David

You are welcome to give me any feed back on the above article.

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